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Where do you see yourself tomorrow?

SYF presents an opportunity to gain the leadership tools and experience you will need to reach your bright future and make a difference in your community.

Our program will teach you what it takes to be a leader and give you guidance from our mentors, professionals in a wide variety of fields. To complete the program, apply your training and support to a community project, changing the lives of the people around you. 

Why Join Seize Your Future?

How do past participants feel?

SYF was an absolutely incredible experience.  I strongly recommend the program to all young women looking to grow and develop as future leaders. It not only builds courage, confidence, and character, it also provides participants the opportunity to leave their mark on their community. For my project, I lead the construction of mini greenhouses for my school's community garden. I was coached and supported by my mentor, Karen Baker, and the whole SYF organization. By successfully realizing this project, I was able to gain vital experience as a leader, while contributing positively to the natural and social environment of my community. The SYF program has given me the confidence and laid the foundations for all my achievements to come!

Gabrielle Goldman
Participant 2015-2016 / Studying Arts and Sciences at Marianopolis College

Participating in SYF is an unforgettable experience that allows young women to gain a unique set of skills. It was a hard year filled with road blocks, but also one that showed me the true power of my determination and ambition.

Valerie Arenzon
participante 2013-2014

SYF taught me to use my potential and to believe in the power of my dreams. I now know what I want and what I'm worth.

Catherine Veilleux
participante 2012-2013

Plunging into the world seemed a daring and frightening idea where I saw myself struggling to keep afloat. However, with the Seize Your Future seminars, I'm assured I'll sail through life, full steam ahead!

Tarika Menezes
participante 2012-2013