Participant Perspectives: Maylis Ndzi

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Participant Perspectives: Maylis Ndzi

“I decided to participate in TAM because I believed it would provide me the opportunity to develop the skills needed to create and implement a community project.”

TAM benefits young women aged 15-21. Every participant is challenged to reach higher and pursue their goals, including Maylis, a  university student at McGill.

For her community project, Maylis will be creating a high school preparation week, meant for students from disadvantaged neighbourhoods. She wanted to do more for the children in her community. Her mentor was Dominique Poulin.
“[Dominique] was amazing! She kept me grounded when my ideas were all over the place and reminded me of the importance of taking things one step at the time.”

Currently in the planning phase of her project, she is proud to have obtained a partnership with an established non-profit organisation for students from disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

Has the TAM program helped you beyond the realization of your project?

“TAM has helped me in other spheres of my life by improving the leadership skills I have acquired over the years. It gave me self-confidence and encouraged me to pursue a minor in social entrepreneurship.”

Maylis will continue to pursue a Bachelor degree in Political Science. She hopes to advocate on the behalf of a cause or have a career in journalism, as a political correspondent, and she intends to further her involvement in her community by helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds.


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