Participant Perspectives: Heidi Debargis

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Participant Perspectives: Heidi Debargis

“I am a leader…. I want to continue to empower everyone…. I want to create unity” 

Heidi’s project aimed to promote confidence among her peers by holding support group sessions to promote a healthy body image. She worked on her communication abilities, by reaching out to school officials to plan her sessions and leading the group discussions.

“I learned that communication is harder than it looks, since you need to reach out, you need to branch out, you need to make the first move… no one will do it for you.”

She also improved her delegation abilities, which she wishes to continue to strengthen, as this was her main challenge, highlighted during her presentation.

Her mentor was  Priscilla Lanni, who she credits with helping her manage her stress and time, and for helping her develop her leadership abilities.

How do you define a good leader, now that you have successfully completed the program?
“To be a good leader, you need to listen to other’s opinions and experiences.  To reflect, act, challenge yourself, and get out of your comfort zone”

Heidi wishes to expand her project in CEGEP at Marianopolis college, where she will begin studies in the fall, by creating a body positive club to support her peers and promote healthy body images.



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